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H30FLEX is a light-weight handheld unit, packed with all the required functions to install and maintain television systems, using DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C digital modulation as well as analogue signals.
Available for the first time in an affordable package, digital processing brings installers the opportunity to take measurements with a high level of accuracy, essential to the satisfaction of a job well done.
Televes is leading the way with this reference meter, designed to meet the requirements of TV installers, both satellite and terrestrial.

Multi Standard

H30FLEX is fully prepared to meet the specific needs of each individual user. It is a multi-standard equipment, ready to take measurements on the DVB-S/S2 satellite band, but also on the DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C terrestrial band channels.

In order to meet the changing needs of individual users, the equipment allows them to easily add new options, with no need to send the meter back to the factory.


Ready to Capture

signal from any satellite H30FLEX allows you to configure the parameters required for the reception of your satellite signal. To do this, H30FLEX allows pre-amplifier powering, and configuration of both DiSEqC and SCR parameters.


Interactive User Interface

Optimize the learning curve Scrolling through the menu is now very easy, thanks to its single-level structure, which includes all the functions in a very intuitive way: better utility, higher operation speed, and maximum productivity. No function requires more than three successive button pushes to achieve the desired operation. You will not find any easier-to-use device, and will be able to surf the different functions with no need for a user manual.


Comprehensive Functionality

Pass/Fail indicators A full range of functionalities such as Single-channel measurements, Constellation diagram, Spectrum analyser, Service identification, Data logs, Channel plan auto-learning, and more.


Accuracy and Speed

Real-time digital processing Designed to instantly obtain all the information about the signal in real time, it is a true milestone in field work. H30FLEX provides the required accuracy and speed to detect minor transient radiation, or spurious signals that could affect the system during signal reception.


100% Automatic

Signal detection Fully automatic, it detects the parameters of different modulations with no need for configuration. H30FLEX will detect at once whether the input signal is analogue or digital, and will determine its constellation, symbol rate and other modulation parameters, providing an instant reading without any user intervention.


Rugged and Light-Weigh

Absolute reliability Its exclusive casing made of double-injection rubber and polycarbonate plastic guarantees protection and durability. Weighing only one pound, H30FLEX is convenient to carry and use. You can slip it in your pocket or use its strap around your shoulder… You will barely notice it is there!


Made in Televes

Your Quality WarrantyThe H30FLEX is entirely designed by Gsertel, company within Televes Corporation, where our team of experienced and highly qualified telecommunication engineers managed to integrate digital processing in a handheld unit of 1lb of weight. Each H30FLEX includes more than 5,000 components and integrated circuits.


Tech Specs

Discover all the features There is a whole lot more than meets the eye, click here for a detailed listing of all the fine print details.